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The Road to Plitvička Jezera

Now That Is What I Call A Rest Stop

Driving a car in Croatia is fantastic.  We rent a small compact car at Last Minute Cars in Split.  The car comes complete with GPS and a pre-arranged pick up at our hotel in Zagreb.

Now we are driving on a well-maintained toll road listening to Claudia’s Croatia playlist at full blast.  Claudia is slumped down in the front seat, trying to sleep off her hangover.  Split with its discos and friendly natives is Croatia’s fun-land.  Claudia has a “Split”ting headache from too many Long Island Ice Teas from the night before.  She moans at me each time I ask her a question that I have to yell at the top of my lungs over the blasting music.  I am really having too much fun being the self-righteous mom of a twenty-something.  I love road trips.  We are on the road to Plitvička Jezera, Croatia’s enchanted fairyland.

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